This is the procedure that we have to follow to import goods into EU throught SKUK.

1) SKUK made the invoice and the packing list.

2) The dealer have to fill the form T1_template_brunel

3) The dealer have to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

She, (Michelle) is contact in Brunel European.

The email should attach:

the form T1_to_brunel (full)

The dealer will ask for the EAD form, the LRN number and the GMR number.

4) Brunel will send an invoice to SKUK. The cost of this process is:
Export entry 45 pounds

T1 60 pounds

CCG Fee 0.6 % of the total amount in the invoice.

GMR 25 pounds.

This cost have to be paid by the dealer to SKUK. But SKUK is paying to brunel European Ltd.

4) Brunel will send to the dealer an email with:
EAD form: Is the form that the dealer have to show in inland Customs Facilities.

LRN numer: Is the reference number that we have to give to inland customs facilities.

GMR number: Is the most important number to check in the harbour. Without that, dealer can't check in. Some ferry companies want it when buy the ticket others no.

When you have all the codes is very important that the dealer don't change the registration of the vehicle that transport the kayaks becouse everything will mixt up.

The GMR link the T1 with the transport that leave the country.

5) When the dealer have all the information can go to the Inland Border Facility to collect the T1 at the following address:
Sevington Inland Border Facility,
Kent, TN25 6GE.
This place is if the dealer is taking the ferry in Dover. (further in the future we can ask to Brunel if is possible to do it in holyhead).

6) at Inland Border Facility, you are registered with the registration of your vehicle.
The dealer go throught the gate and they will give you a number when the dealer have to park.
After park, go with all the information EAD form, Invoice (no t really need it but take it), LRN number and GMR number into the office.
They will ask you to fill a form with your telf number and you have to come back to your vehicle.

7) They will send you and SMS when the dealer can come back to the office the collect all the document and the T1.

8) Go to dover harbour, in passport control you can choose where is less people but is very important you said you are a freight vehicle so will avoid and inspection in dover harbour. (only if they ask)

9) To check in, is mandatory to go to the freight lanes, they will check your booking and your GMR code an then we are in.

10) Back to the dealer country, is very important that the dealer goes to their own customs and close the T1.
Normally is about 10 days to close it.

The T1 won't be close if the dealer don't declare the goods entry to the country and pay the VAT.

Every country have their own system i recomend and import agent if they are not familiar with all the forms and taxes.

Please ensure that the T1 is discharged at the Destination Customs Office, failure to do so may result in a penalty fine from HMRC. This penalty fine will be for SKUK.