This kayak is designed more for speed in flatter conditions. The average sized paddler will be able to raise both knees whilst paddling or drop them into the cockpit and brace using the knee bumps in rougher conditions.

The Cadence was initially designed as a race trainer. The hull of the Cadance has been designed by Alistair Wilson the original owner of Lendal paddles. The deck has been designed by Nigel Dennis. This is a fast kayak but to maximise the speed, it needs to be built in the Carbon Kevlar specification. This is better suited to Sea State 1 to 3.

Length: 565cm

Width: 53cm

Depth: 31cm

Rear hatch 82.8Lt (2.924 cubic feet)
Day hatch 44.4 Lt (1.568 cubic feet)
Cockpit approx 147 Lt (5.191 cubic feet)
Front hatch 89.7 Lt (3.168 cubic feet)
Total Lts 363.8 (12.45 cubic feet)